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Amane Beauty is an international cosmetics line created to allow every self-identifying woman to be her best self while still feeling comfortable.

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A black woman who is originally from Congo but born in France and raised in NYC, Tracy Amane is the ultimate culmination of the best of the three continents with a firsthand introduction into the sensual femininity of France, the sophisticated class of New York and most recently, the artistic diversity of Congo. A creative visionary inspired to create an all-inclusive cosmetics line, she sought to optimize on the name she shares with her grandmother in order to revolutionize the beauty industry: Amane.

Amane Beauty is a high-end cosmetics brand on a mission to bring luxury to every woman. With an international presence in France, America as well as Africa, we are committed to redefining beauty standards as more than what lies in the eyes of a beholder: it is a flexible value that entails unleashing your unique self by becoming the woman you were always meant to be, with some assistance from us of course. Of unrestrained power and unlimited potential, it is no wonder your sense of self-expression defies the norm and distinguishes you as the woman to look out for!

In a bid to normalize ALL black beauty, we provide a myriad of signature products and services that are aimed at fully representing various personalities and empowering black girls through affordable yet premium quality luxury that is classy and trendy. No strangers to the exquisite beauty of colors and versatility of professionally formulated cosmetics, we believe any beauty regimen should be colorful and enjoyable where every skin tone is well catered to. To this end, we are edging out overpriced name brands through a platform where you need not contend with high prices to get good products.

For super-pigmented long-lasting (lasts for over 8 hours), smudge-proof matte lipsticks, lustrous lip-glosses and one-of-a-kind retractable lip liners for the true olfactory delight, Amane Beauty is certain to take you from casual wear to absolute glam, giving you bright and beautiful lips with a weightless, smooth and nondrying finish. Do not trade comfort for performance to suffer through matte lipsticks that will dry your lips. Our lipsticks and lip liners have a nice body to them for full-coverage helping you achieve that glamorous look effortlessly and with minimum fuss, all whilst softening and healing your lips during wear. Every black girl deserves to be put first, cared for, protected, loved and put on a pedestal tile: it is our hope that we will be able to facilitate that and so much more.

The Amane Beauty range of products; Your New Best Kept Secret!
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